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Local Colorado Grown CBD

Full Spectrum CBD Oil 

Always 100% Colorado Grown Hemp. 100% Public 3rd Party Testing. 100% NO Pesticides. 100% NO Heavy Metals.

That is the 43 CBD Guarentee.

Colorado Hemp Farms

We work closely with local hemp farmers to ensure that each step is natural with sustainability in mind- from the soil to the finished product.

Third-Party Testing

It is important that you know exactly what goes inside your body. That is why we provide third-party public lab results for all of our CBD oil.

No Harsh Chemicals

We manually review our local hemp farms and extraction process to make sure that no pesticides or chemicals are part of any process crafting our oil.

Full Spectrum Oil

We use a full spectrum blend (whole-plant extract) that includes a wide range of cannabinoids found in hemp to allow for the entourage effect.

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Local Colorado CBD Company

Experience Full Spectrum CBD Oil

There are numerous potential benefits that you can receive from using a full spectrum CBD oil with natural and organic ingredients.

Full Spectrum Oil

Full spectrum means a full range of cannabinoids to potentially boost benefits.

Eco-friendly & Natural

We use hempseed oil as a healthy alternative to carrier oils harmful to the environment.

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30-Day Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied, send back the item within 30 days for a refund.

Public Lab Testing

Know exactly what and how much cannabinoids and terpenes are in your products.

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