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CBD Capsules (Qty: 30 x 25mg)

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The capsules have our naturally grown full spectrum hemp oil mixed with organic coconut oil in vegan capsules. 25mg/capsules. This is a fantastic way to take a consistent dose of CBD each day and is great for when you are off on your next adventure.


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What Are 43 CBD Solutions’ CBD Capsules Made Of?

Our CBD capsules contain only three ingredients: Vegan gel-type capsules, organic coconut oil, and the best full spectrum CBD hemp oil available. We guarantee the quality of our CBD concentrate because we work closely with our extractor to get the best CBD available in the beautiful state of Colorado.

How Many CBD Capsules Should I Take?

Our CBD hemp oil capsules contain a carefully measured dose of 25mg CBD combined with coconut oil for easy digestion and absorption. Some consumers claim to feel positive effects while taking just one capsule a day. But there is no harm in taking more, as CBD is non-toxic, non-habit forming and our capsules are guaranteed free of harsh solvents, pesticides, and chemicals. When it comes to consuming CBD, trial and error are your friends. Since everyone’s metabolism is unique, it may take a little bit of experimentation to find out the dose of CBD that best suits your metabolism, diet, and BMI.

Why Should I Get My CBD Gel Capsules From 43 CBD Solutions?

That’s easy. We make the best CBD capsules on the market! Our capsules are made using homegrown artisan hemp free of pesticides or synthetic chemicals. We work closely with our extractor to get CBD from this hemp using no inorganic solvents. Finally, we package our capsules using only natural ingredients and absolutely no unnatural preservatives. Don’t take our word for it. Shop the best vegan CBD capsules and see for yourself!

Are CBD Capsules Good For You?

The FDA has not evaluated or approved the use of CBD for the treatment or cure of any disease. Due to current restrictions by the FDA, we are not allowed to make medical claims to support even the most obvious medical benefits observed from the use of CBD. Nevertheless, CBD is widely believed to have substantial health benefits, and research is being conducted every day seeking to understand its pharmacology. CBD has few if any side effects; it’s non-toxic and non-habit forming.

2 reviews for CBD Capsules (Qty: 30 x 25mg)

  1. Leslie Jackson

    The capsules are such a convinient way to take CBD oil. My son with special needs has been on 43cbd capsules for over a year and he is calmer and sleeping incredibly well. He used to wake up at least once during the night (and wake us up too). He sleeps soundly every night and doesn’t get up until morning.

  2. Daryl Philipp

    My son has been taking this for a month and his 13 year long anxiety seems to be all but gone. I can only say “wow.”

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