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CBD Extra Strength Hemp Oil Salve (600mg)

(4 customer reviews)


The 43CBD Solutions Extra Strength Salve (600 mg) is an all-natural topical product that can be easily applied directly to the skin. It contains 100 percent organic ingredients, including beeswax, coconut oil, olive oil, non-GMO vitamin E, and full spectrum hemp oil with 600mg of CBD. It’s especially ideal for those with sensitive skin or allergies because we do not add any artificial ingredients or scent.

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What is the active ingredient in hemp oil salve?


Our hemp oil salve is made with full spectrum hemp oil, with 600mg of cannabidiol. Cannabidiol, often referred to as CBD, is a compound that is derived from the cannabis and hemp plants. Not only is CBD salve effective, it is natural, non-addictive, convenient, and easy to use. The 43CBD Solutions salve also contains the following organic ingredients: vitamin E, coconut oil, and olive oil, which moisturize, condition, and soothe skin.


What are the benefits of a CBD salve?


For most people, a CBD salve provides natural relief from chronic pain. Many people report that it is more effective than traditional treatments like manufactured prescriptions, and people often appreciate that it is an all-natural option. CBD salve is infused with active cannabinoids, and they are then absorbed into the body’s skin. The cannabinoids bind to the body’s CB2 receptors near the skin, and as a result, this activates the body’s endocannabinoid system. In effect, this means CBD salve delivers pain relief alongside a feeling of relaxation instead of feeling dazed or cognitively impaired.


Not only is this form of pain treatment know to be effective, it’s much more natural as compared to traditionally addictive and often harmful pharmaceutical medications. Other positives of using topical CBD salves are that the user feels relief right away without having to wait for the effects to kick in as compared to consuming edibles. Since the topical method is only used on the skin, it doesn’t enter the body’s bloodstream. Instead, it breaks the skin and muscular barrier to provide people with localized pain alleviation.


What is the recommended dosage and use of CBD salve?


Dosage will vary depending on a variety of factors, so we recommend that you use it sparingly until you can determine what works for you. Typically, the salve is applied directly to the source of the pain. Since you do not feel high from topical CBD salves, you can carry on with your day and experience pain relief wherever and whenever.


What makes the 43CBD Solutions salve the best on the market?


Unlike other hemp companies, we don’t infuse our products with artificial additives, scents, or colors. Our 100 percent pure hemp oil is derived from artisan hemp. Our goal is to provide high-quality CBD products at affordable prices so that everyone can access the potential benefits of CBD.

4 reviews for CBD Extra Strength Hemp Oil Salve (600mg)

  1. Karl T Schueneman

    This salve is incredible! I played football and wrestled at a Division 1 university and those years have taken a toll on my body! The 600 mg salve works wonders on my knees and back.
    It allows me to enjoy some quality of life without any pain!!

  2. Charles Jackson

    This stuff helps with joint pain. I’ve had an undiagnosed issue with my big toe joint. It was misdiagnosed as gout, now two X-Rays, three doctors and an MRI later, nobody really knows what is wrong with it. This salve is one of the only things that really HELPS. I strongly recommend this to anyone with joint pain.

  3. Jenni stetz

    My friend Mark Schueneman, purchased this salve for me, and unlike many other brand salves, this one is by far a product that delivers fast pain relief. Cheers to 43 CBD! Thank you A+

  4. Alessandra

    Super effective topical pain relief. Relieves my aches and pains from skiing, daily athletic aches, and over-using my hands as a massage therapist. Just a little goes a long way and keeps me pain free for the day, so I can keep working and playing! I use the 600 and 1000 mg salves regularly for maintaining my physically demanding lifestyle.

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