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USDA Organic Full Spectrum CBD Oil (500mg)

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Our USDA organic CBD Oil tincture (500mg) is made from blending organic full spectrum CBD oil & organic carrier oil. Natural, cinnamon, and peppermint flavors use an organic hemp seed oil while orange and key lime flavors are mixed with an organic sunflower seed oil.


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43 CBD Solutions’ 500mg USDA organic CBD oil is the flagship product that features a full spectrum blend of CBD derived from hemp grown at local farms in Southwest Colorado.

Beginning with all-natural farming practices in Colorado, the soil is tested to the highest standards, ensuring there are no contaminants or heavy metals. We believe that in order to craft a healthy and high-quality CBD oil, it is important to test every step of the process beginning with the soil beneath the plants.

When we say “all-natural” growing practices- we mean it. That means NO chemicals or pesticides ever come near any of the plants that are used to craft our artisan CBD oil. That is part of our quality guarantee: No pesticides, no heavy metals, and no microbes. Ever.

Part of our mission is to provide people with hemp oil products that are built upon sustainable and natural practices which is what sets us apart from many other businesses. We use local, healthy plants that have been inspected from seed to final product and never use discarded parts shipped from other corporations.

After a successful harvest with the hemp plants, they are transported to a state-certified facility to go through an ethanol extraction process.

Why use ethanol extraction?

We believe that ethanol extraction is the right choice for CBD oil for many reasons:

  • It wastes less power
  • Provides higher yields
  • Much safer than other extraction techniques

Once the extraction process is complete, you end up with our flagship full-spectrum CBD oil. It is then blended with 100% organic hemp seed oil, allowing it to be absorbed sublingually.

Organic Full Spectrum CBD Oil (500mg)

The tincture is the quickest method of taking in CBD orally, as it hits the bloodstream almost immediately. Our CBD tinctures contain an extract of full-spectrum CBD oil as well as the added benefit of hemp seed oil, a very healthy oil rich in omega fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins. Our tincture comes in three delicious flavors: Cinnamon, Peppermint, and Natural.

Your health and well-being are important to us. If you are not 100% satisfied with a product, please call us and we’ll give you credit on another product.

Lab Results

All of our products include public third-party lab testing to ensure potency and authenticity. Check out the 500mg CBD oil lab reports.


  • Natural Colorado Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Extract
  • Organic Golden Hemp Seed Oil


The proper CBD dosage can vary by the individual and there are multiple factors to consider including:

  • Desired effects
  • Individual Body Weight
  • Tolerance

While you cannot overdose on CBD oil, we recommend beginning with a smaller dose to begin with and adding more if you would like more of the desired effect. Many users decide to begin with a daily dose of 18 – 20mg CBD oil per day as needed.

If you would like to learn more, check out our CBD Dosage Guide for a detailed approach to including CBD to your daily regimen.

Shipping & Returns

Part of our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality natural CBD to help with their wellbeing. We want everyone to live a happier and healthier life and craft our artisan CBD oil to match that goal. We also provide this through our promise of 100% transparency and trust as well as a helpful return policy should anything not match to your expectations.

Return Policy

We offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee for all purchases. If there is a problem with your order, the wrong product is received, or you received a damaged item, give us a call or email and we will take care of the situation. For any issues, we can offer a full refund or replacement. The satisfaction and wellbeing of our community are of the utmost importance to us.


At 43 CBD Solutions, we offer free shipping within the United States. Orders are shipping with standard shipping and are processed within 24 hours. The orders generally arrive within 3 -5 days.

5 reviews for USDA Organic Full Spectrum CBD Oil (500mg)

  1. Diana Prickett

    The best! I had horrible hip pain, to the point where I thought I was going to have surgery, couldn’t sit for more than a couple hours,couldn’t bend over to tie my shoes. I started taking the tincture and rubbing the salve on my hip at the same time. Within a month U realized I could tie my shoelaces and had no pain! I tell everyone about it! Thank you…

  2. Anne Zalbowitz

    1 dropper full and my knee pain (due to multiple complex knee surgeries) evaporates. Quickly.

  3. S. Lucy

    I don’t need help sleeping, but if I did, this is what I would take. I’ve been on prescription drugs for sleep aid in the past and this worked far more successfully.

  4. Gay Jurgens (verified owner)

    I use this for pain and sleep. I have degenerating discs in my neck and lower back. I wish I could say this tincture removes my pain; it doesn’t but it smoothes out my nerves which help me relax and fall asleep.
    Even though we have many CBD stores in our community in Texas, I order this product from Colorado because I know it and it’s quality and the price is right for me.

  5. L Thomas (verified owner)

    I needed CBD oil that was made and sold in Colorado. It is great with heavy or restless leg problems.

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