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USDA Organic Full Spectrum CBD Oil (2000mg)

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Our USDA organic CBD oil (2000mg) is made from a locally-harvested blend of full spectrum CBD oil and organic hemp seed oil.


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43 CBD Solutions’ 2000mg USDA organic CBD oil is the flagship product that features a full spectrum blend of CBD derived from hemp grown at local farms in Southwest Colorado.

Beginning with all-natural and organic farming practices in Colorado, the soil is tested to the highest standards, ensuring there are no contaminants or heavy metals. We believe that in order to craft a healthy and high-quality CBD oil, it is important to test every step of the process beginning with the soil beneath the plants.

When we say “all-natural” growing practices- we mean it. That means NO chemicals or pesticides ever come near any of the plants that are used to craft our artisan CBD oil. That is part of our quality guarantee: No pesticides, no heavy metals, and no microbes. Ever.

Part of our mission is to provide people with hemp oil products that are built upon sustainable and natural practices which is what sets us apart from many other businesses. We use local, healthy plants that have been inspected from seed to final product and never use discarded parts shipped from other corporations.

After a successful harvest with the hemp plants, they are transported to a state-certified facility to go through an ethanol extraction process.

Why use ethanol extraction?

We believe that ethanol extraction is the right choice for CBD oil for many reasons:

  • It wastes less power
  • Provides higher yields
  • Much safer than other extraction techniques

Once the extraction process is complete, you end up with our flagship full-spectrum CBD oil. It is then blended with 100% organic hemp seed oil, allowing it to be absorbed sublingually.

Organic Full Spectrum CBD Oil (2000mg)

The tincture is the quickest method of taking in CBD orally, as it hits the bloodstream almost immediately. Our CBD tinctures contain an extract of full-spectrum CBD oil as well as the added benefit of hemp seed oil, a very healthy oil rich in omega fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins. Our tincture comes in three delicious flavors: Cinnamon, Peppermint, and Natural.

Your health and well-being are important to us. If you are not 100% satisfied with a product, please call us and we’ll give you credit on another product.

Lab Results

All of our products include public third-party lab testing to ensure potency and authenticity. Check out the 2000mg CBD oil lab reports.


  • Natural Colorado CBD Oil Extract
  • Organic Golden Hemp Seed Oil


The proper CBD dosage can vary by the individual and there are multiple factors to consider including:

  • Desired effects
  • Individual Body Weight
  • Tolerance

While you cannot overdose on CBD oil, we recommend beginning with a smaller dose to begin with and adding more if you would like more of the desired effect. Many users decide to begin with a daily dose of 18 – 20mg CBD oil per day as needed.

If you would like to learn more, check out our CBD Dosage Guide for a detailed approach to including CBD to your daily regimen.

Shipping & Returns

Part of our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality natural CBD to help with their wellbeing. We want everyone to live a happier and healthier life and craft our artisan CBD oil to match that goal. We also provide this through our promise of 100% transparency and trust as well as a helpful return policy should anything not match to your expectations.

Return Policy

We offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee for all purchases. If there is a problem with your order, the wrong product is received, or you received a damaged item, give us a call or email and we will take care of the situation. For any issues, we can offer a full refund or replacement. The satisfaction and wellbeing of our community are of the utmost importance to us.


At 43 CBD Solutions, we offer free shipping within the United States. Orders are shipping with standard shipping and are processed within 24 hours. The orders generally arrive within 3 -5 days.

19 reviews for USDA Organic Full Spectrum CBD Oil (2000mg)


    This product helps with my inflammation and sleep. It also tastes great! A+

  2. Shawn Meyers

    I’ve been using 43CBD for 2 years now, and have referred a plethera of friends and family because this is EXCEPTIONAL for my M.S. and helps me function by relieving my pain! I also give it to my dog when he has stress, or, when he gets hurt. I give him some, and he’s so relaxed he can sleep and ANY swelling from an injury, subsides in minutes! No pills for my dog!
    I love these products!

  3. daniel amlaw

    I was suffering from colitis and terrible digestive inflammation, making life very uncomfortable. Down right miserable in fact. Then I was introduced to 43CBD by a friend and the results were instant. The first dosage calmed the stomach and digestive system that day and subsided thereafter. My appetite improved and the pain was gone. As a bonus it also allowed for more restful sleep and better general wellbeing. Can’t thank 43CBD enough for making my life better.

  4. Daniel

    43CBD has been the only product or medication to address my digestive and sleep issues. My colitis was out of control and made life uncomfortable. Happy now that this issue is no longer something to worry about. Great products from a great company. It hard to know who you can trust in the CBD market, with 43CBD I know where the product comes from, the quality standard and how it’s made with patients and customers in mind. Thank 43CBD

  5. ViriditasJ

    I’ve been using this tincture for at least five years now. It’s highly effective for the nighttime spasticity and cramping I experience. I’m able to keep the dosage at the recommended two to three droppers, and have maximum efficacy by taking one or two nights a week off. Dontje is a pleasure to work with, and has continued to improve his formulation over the years. The new golden hemp seed oil, and deep tissue salve are wonderful new improvements. Thank you!

  6. Stephanie (verified owner)

    Love these products helps me stay calm and relax

  7. Catherine Grant (verified owner)

    The 43CBD products are clean without added ingredients. They have helped with my sleep.

  8. Tammy Johnson

    My daughter began taking CBD for anxiety and noticed a positive different in the first week!

  9. Catherine Grant (verified owner)

    43CBD oil is Continuing to help with my sleep. Thankful that it is organic.

  10. Sharon Pace (verified owner)

    I’ve been using 43CBD oil for a little over a year. My chronic pain is gone, and as a result I sleep better.

  11. Heidi Moretti

    I honestly wasn’t expecting much from CBD because I’m a pretty healthy person, but I really do notice I’m much more calm when taking this CBD product. I will be sure to let my family and friends know.

    • 43 CBD Solutions (verified owner)

      Thanks, Heidi! We are so glad you decided to give CBD a try! It’s great to hear that it gives you that calm feeling. Thank you for the kind words and for spreading the word about CBD!

  12. Laurie Vernon (verified owner)

    This is the very best CBD oil out there. I would never buy from anyone else again. It truly helps ease the pain of my arthritis. I want to also mention the fact that this company went above and beyond when I received my order and it was not correct. They not only answered the phone on a Saturday but made it right immediately. I can not tell you what that meant to me. Thank you again for being an outstanding company!!!!

  13. Monique P Weston (verified owner)

    It helps with my lupus symptoms. Also tastes great!

  14. Teri Lucero (verified owner)

    This product provides such relief. I appreciate the time effort and knowledge it takes to make a great product. Thank you

  15. Chria Millwe (verified owner)

    I have essential tremor and it helps a lot.

  16. Forrest Halford (verified owner)

    I was burned badly and years later still have some painful scars.
    This oil (I like the cinnamon flavor) taken sublingually help with the pain a great deal. I often combine it with Kratom for an even greater pain relief effect.

  17. Gail (verified owner)

    Hello! I’ve been using 43CBD oil for years, thru multiple surgeries and arthritic pain. It’s wonderful, and also has the added benefit of being a big help with insomnia, which I’ve suffered from all of my life. I now use it almost exclusively for arthritic pain, and nightly to help with sleep.

  18. Catherine Grant (verified owner)

    I have been using 43CBD oil for several years and am very satisfied with the issues that it helps me with. I feel that it is a company that you can trust and have confidence in them and the quality of the product.
    I use this brand because I know that it is clean and organic. It is not from one of the vape, etc. stores that you
    do not know the quality of it.

  19. Deeann (verified owner)

    Amazing products, amazing service. I’ve been a customer for years now and am very very happy! Try it you won’t regret it.

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