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About 43 CBD

Our purpose is to stay true to ourselves and to nature as we craft artisan hemp CBD products designed to help people and their pets heal and feel good naturally.

Our story begins back in the late 80’s. The spot was Castle Rock, a sleepy town south of Denver, Colorado. Our posse was tight, and we loved ripping ramps and street. When we took it to the street, the “43” was a combo trick that took finesse and a touch of luck to stick. Well, the “43” stuck, and would follow us for decades like a good luck shadow. Later on, as young adults, when we launched Bootleg Snowboards the ’43’ became a favorite memory that carried us through those entrepreneurial days. We are proud to say the contributions we made to the evolution of snowboards are still used today!

We’ve come to think of the number 43 as our lucky number. Case in point, when Greg started our artisan hemp business in 2015, he turned 43. The following year Dontje turned 43 as he joined the team. Call it fate, coincidence—even good karma, launching 43 Solutions has been a success and a positive turning point in our lives.

We’re great friends and business partners. We’re curious, scientifically minded, soulful guys who just want to make a good living helping people (and their pets!) heal and feel good naturally.

As the “master formulator”, Greg draws on his chemistry background as a student at the School of Mines, a career as a marine engineer, and a love of farming to craft our artisan hemp CBD oil products.

Dontje is passionate about health and wellness. He genuinely enjoys talking to each and every one of you and exploring how hemp can get you back to health and doing what you love.

We’re great friends and business partners. We’re curious, scientifically minded, soulful guys who just want to make a living helping people (and their pets!) heal and feel good naturally.


Our farms are nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains on the Western Slope of Colorado. Clear mountain spring water and high altitude air create the perfect environment for growing our artisan hemp. Hemp is like wine— special earthly conditions matter.

Everything we do —from carefully hand-selecting our seeds, using all natural farm practices (we never use harmful chemicals) to crafting our own full spectrum hemp oil and testing every batch for quality— is intentional and results in the greatest healing potency.

We believe that Cannabidiol (cbd) that is extracted from locally grown natural hemp far exceeds the quality that has become the industry standard. Getting back to local farms that naturally grow our foods and medicines is getting back to our roots. Supporting Western Slope Colorado farmers is important to us. We could save by going with front-range, out of state, or even international growers, but that’s not who we are. We care about the land where we live and want to pass economic prosperity onto our local and neighboring communities.

We like crafting artisan hemp products, but most of all, we like knowing we are helping people feel better. Reach out and talk to us. We’ll tell you everything you want to know about the science and healing properties of hemp CBD oil. And, we’ll be the ones answering the phone.

Go on—get back to doing what you love!

Greg & Dontje
Owners, 43 Solutions

P.O. Box 1771
Durango, CO 81302
(970) 309-7890

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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