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CBD Oil in Colorado

June 18th, 2020

While there are many different options to choose from, many people seek out CBD oil from Colorado since they can place more trust in a company from a state that helped revolutionize the hemp industry.


Why Buy CBD Oil from Colorado?

As one of the nation’s leading producers of hemp, Colorado has been a great location to purchase CBD considering so many companies work with local farmers instead of outsourcing plant scraps from larger corporations.

You can also find a handful of CBD companies in Colorado that hold a large focus on natural and sustainable practices. 43 CBD Solutions is a great example of a company that goes through rigorous third-party testing and organic processes, ensuring products are of the highest quality for your health and wellbeing.

If you live in the Centennial State and want to find a nearby store that sells CBD, we have compiled a map of trusted CBD retailers in your area. Alternatively, you can choose to purchase CBD oil online from a trusted Colorado company like 43 CBD Solutions.

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Find local Colorado CBD Retailers

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What to Look for When Buying CBD Oil from Colorado

If you are familiar with CBD, then you already know the potential benefits and how it does not give the user a “high” like marijuana, which contains THC.

(Note: Remember… Hemp and Marijuana are both derived from the Cannabis plant. Hemp is required to have less than 0.3% THC and is legal for public use in the United States thanks to the 2018 farm bill.)

Since CBD tinctures are a popular natural remedy for various conditions, it is important to consider where the hemp is sourced and what compounds are found in the final products.

When choosing a Colorado CBD oil for your daily regimen, make sure you choose a company that follows important guidelines:


Locally Sourced Hemp

Even though Colorado has a large concentration of hemp farms, many CBD companies still choose to outsource their hemp to save on production costs, reducing the quality of the final CBD products.

If you opt for high-quality CBD oil, then consider choosing a company that sources hemp from local farms and can oversee the operations to ensure sustainable and organic practices.

43 CBD Solutions is one of those companies, working with local farmers in Southwest Colorado to make sure the hemp is grown naturally and thriving in healthy, non-contaminated soil.


Full Spectrum Oil

While CBD is renowned for its potential healing benefits, it is just one of many cannabinoids that are found in cannabis.

A full spectrum oil includes a wide range of cannabinoids (including CBG, CBN, CBC), giving the user a range of benefits from the whole-plant extract. CBD isolate contains pure CBD with the other cannabinoids stripped out.

The idea behind a full spectrum oil is that the multiple cannabinoids naturally form a synergistic relationship to maximize the therapeutic effects of CBD.


3rd Party Testing and Public Lab Results

When it comes to medicine and natural remedies, it is important to understand exactly what compounds are going into your body. Therefore, it’s essential to choose a CBD company that is backed by 3rd party testing. This allows a company that is not affiliated with the manufacturer to perform a scientific analysis of a product.

Considering there is no standardized process for testing CBD oil, having public third party testing builds trust in a brand.

43 CBD Solutions uses an accredited and state-certified testing lab out of Durango, Colorado to ensure the potency and composition of all their CBD products. The reports are always available to the public and show how much CBD is in a product as well as the potency of other cannabinoids extracted from the hemp plant.


Natural Farming Practices

Hemp should be grown naturally without the aid of chemicals and pesticides. Look for a company that tests and regulates natural and organic processes with their local farms. No pesticides. No heavy metals. No contaminants from the soil underneath the roots, all the way to the finished product. That is the 43CBD way.

Interested in finding a trusted retailer near you? Here is a compiled list of retailers in Colorado that carry CBD products from 43 CBD Solutions.



Trusted CBD Retailers in Colorado

      Browse Colorado CBD Oil Products

      Now that you have decided that you want to use a CBD brand from Colorado, it is time to browse which type of product would be the best fit for you.

      There are many different products available that include CBD, but most people use it in the form of a tincture or salve. (We have even seen items like CBD lube and CBD-infused coffee!)

      CBD Oil Tinctures

      A tincture is the most popular (and arguably the most effective) form of taking CBD. It comes in a glass bottle and includes a dropper that will often have the measurements listed. A tincture will most likely be mixed with a carrier oil like MCT oil or hemp seed oil. This allows for an increase in bioavailability and makes it easier to take a consistent dose.

      (Note: Learn about why 43 CBD Solutions uses hempseed oil as their main carrier oil and the entourage effect that may develop when pairing CBD with hempseed oil. )

      CBD Salve

      Are you planning on using CBD for inflammation, arthritis, or joint-related issues? If so, then choosing a topical product like a CBD salve (or massage oil) might be the right choice for you.

      A CBD salve is a topical solution that is great for someone looking to use the effects on a more centralized location on the skin. Often, the salves will include more ingredients- this helps produce a creamy texture and boosts the effectiveness of joint and pain relief.

      Make sure to read all the ingredients that are included so you know 100% what is being applied to the skin and look for a company that uses organic and eco-friendly ingredients.

      CBD Capsules

      Capsules are an excellent way to enjoy the acclaimed benefits if you would like a consistent dose of CBD each day. They are often an ideal choice when out on an adventure or when you are on the move due to the convenient, quick dosing capability.


      Why Choose a Colorado CBD Company?

      colorado cbd oil

      Alongside Washington State, Colorado made history by being one of the first to legalize and accept marijuana and hemp for medicinal reasons in the United States. Since then, many cannabis-based companies have worked towards the green movement: using organic farming practices, sustainability, eco-friendly processes, and working with the local community.

      If you have any questions about CBD and the farming process, contact 43 CBD Solutions at their shop in Durango, Colorado. They work diligently to be true to the wellbeing of themselves, their customers, and to nature as they craft artisan, high-quality CBD oil.

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