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We believe that everyone should know about how CBD helps people and pets around the globe. While we can go on all day about how much we love CBD, it is up to our community that has been impacted so greatly by this natural medicine to spread the word.

You are the voice of this holistic treatment and we cannot thank you enough for your kind and honest words.


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CBD Hemp Oil Tincture (2000mg)

cbd oil 2000mg hemp

CBD Hemp Oil Tincture (1000mg)

cbd hemp oil 1000mg peppermint

CBD Hemp Oil Tincture (500mg)

cbd hemp oil 500mg cinnamon

THC Free CBD Oil Tincture (1000mg)

thc free cbd oil 1000mg

THC Free CBD Oil Tincture (500mg)

thc free cbd oil 500mg

CBD Ultra Deep Tissue Salve (1000mg)

lab result cbd ultra salve

CBD Extra Strength Hemp Oil Salve

cbd hemp salve 600mg

CBD Hemp Oil Salve (300mg)

cbd hemp salve 300mg

Pocket Tin Salve – Deep Tissue (250mg)

cbd hemp oil salve pocket

Pocket Tin Salve - Extra-Strength (150mg)

extra strength cbd salve

Pocket Tin CBD Hemp Oil Salve (75mg)

cbd hemp salve pocket

500mg Furry Friends Formula

furry friends hemp oil

CBD Capsules (Qty: 30 x 25mg)

43 cbd capsules 25mg

CBD Hemp Massage Oil

cbd massage oil

Have any questions or concerns about our CBD products? Please, reach out and contact us personally at 970-309-7890 or fill out our contact form. We would love to hear from you and address any questions you may have with trying this natural medicine.

Your health and well-being are important to us. If you are not 100% satisfied with a product, please call us and we’ll give you credit on another product. 

“Best bang for your buck on the market that I am aware of. 43 Solutions CBD has helped me sleep well, be more calm and collected, helped with various aches and pains, and tastes great too. Give it a try before reaching for prescription anti-anxiety or sleep meds.”

– Alessandra

“No more expensive trips to the animal hospital and our dog is much happier and healthier! Thanks, Greg and the 43 CBD crew for producing such a high-quality CBD tincture that works amazingly!”

– Josh

“43 CBD has been my source for quality broad spectrum CBD for about three years now. CBD relieves severe spasticity and muscle cramps at night that prevent me from sleeping. CBD  may not do everything, but it has been very important in improving my quality of life when nothing else helped. I highly recommend these guys!”


– Jay

“I have fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, muscle spasms and crippling pain throughout my body. 43 CBD hemp oil has changed my quality of life with no side effects. It has made me able to manage my pain since November 2017. Thank you!”

– Beverly

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