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CBD Information, History, & Products -Interview with 43 CBD Solutions

September 19th, 2019

Co-owner Dontje Hildebrand talks about transparency, products, and history of 43 CBD Solutions.

dontje 43 cbd solutions

(Interviewer) I’m here with Dontje from 43 CBD Solutions and going to ask a couple of questions about the history of 43 CBD and about the process that you go through with some of your products.

So, to start with, let’s talk a little bit about the history of 43 CBD. 

Why did you decide to start selling CBD products?

(Dontje) We got into it originally as farmers and the market became saturated pretty quickly. The obvious answer for us was to turn our hemp into CBD products and so we began our journey down this road. 

(Interviewer) Nice, and when did you start this venture? When did you start to turn the hemp into CBD? 

(Dontje) That was the 2015 growing season. That was when we started making our own products. Simply tinctures, then we progressed to capsules and everything else from there. 

(Interviewer) Where does the 43 in the name come from?

(Dontje) Ironically enough, it does not have anything to do with hemp or the hemp industry. It is an old skateboard trick back in our skater days when we were teenagers. That was a popular trick and it became our lucky number and it has followed Greg and I for decades and decades. 

43 cbd solutions meaning

(Interviewer) Let’s talk about the process from farm to table and maybe start by discussing the basics to people who are unaware of what CBD is and why people would take it. 

(Dontje) Cannabidiol is the non-psychoactive cannabinoid in marijuana and hemp. Ours is derived from hemp; it is being shown and kind of being referred to as the cannabinoid with medical benefits, or a majority of them. THC is very beneficial for other medical ailments but typically known for getting you high. So, what is CBD? CBD is a very strong constituent… that helps with a lot of different things. 

(Interviewer) Where does 43 CBD Solutions get their hemp from?

(Dontje) We no longer farm it ourselves; we oversee the strains. We’re using a farm in Delta [Colorado]. Amazing farmer. He does a really good job. Pesticide free, chemical-free. We oversee the grow and I was just up there and got some great pictures and was checking on the crops. We get to select the best crops for what we need and from there we take it to the other processes.

hemp farm in colorado

(Interviewer) That’s great. And what made you choose them over other farmers?

(Dontje) Quality. He is just an awesome farmer. They do a good job; they do what they say. They are reliable. Everything tests out exactly as they planned.

(Interviewer) Awesome. So, that being said, and you kind of already answered this question, but there are no pesticides or harmful chemicals in the growing facility?

(Dontje) Absolutely not.

(Interviewer)That’s great. It is mentioned that you provide a full-spectrum oil. Can you elaborate on what exactly this full-spectrum means and how that can differ from other CBD oils?

(Dontje) Full-spectrum refers to an oil that has multiple cannabinoids in it along with CBD. All the other cannabinoids vary from different varieties from batch to batch… CBC, CBG, CBN, THC of course, THCa if it hasn’t been decarboxylated… and it differs from an isolate by just simply having more cannabinoids in it. It has a full range of cannabinoids as opposed to an isolate of CBD. 

(Interviewer) Do you believe that some of these other cannabinoids found in hemp plants are of benefit or are helpful?

(Dontje) Oh yeah. It’s kind of been shown that multiple cannabinoids work together synergistically better than they do individually; that is commonly referred to as the entourage effect. So, we believe very much in that and we’ve seen great results from using full-spectrum oil as opposed to an isolate. 

(Interviewer) Maybe we can talk a little bit about the products. What exactly is included with the CBD oil tincture?

colorado cbd company 43

(Dontje) Our formulas are pretty simple; we don’t add a lot of adjuncts, we use a base a carrier oil, we blend it, add some flavorings, and that’s simply it.

(Interviewer) Now this carrier oil… what oil is that included in the tinctures?

(Dontje) Right now we are using a hempseed oil, an organic hemp seed oil that is a very good combination to use with the hemp oil we believe. Comes from the same genus of plants obviously and it blends well. It is very synergistic. 

(Interviewer) Where do you source out this organic hemp seed oil?

(Dontje) Most hemp seed oil comes from Canada from large Canadian fields.

(Interviewer) When a consumer is looking to purchase CBD online, how can they be sure there are no chemicals or pesticides in the CBD product?

(Dontje) Well, there is a lot of hoodwinking going on in the industry right now; a lot of shady characters. We think of ourselves as very transparent so one thing the consumer can do is make sure that they have COAs available [certificates of analysis] for the products that they’re purchasing so they really know what’s in them and know that they are getting what they say that are getting. There are regulatory agencies that are overseeing companies to verify that they are being honest and truthful, but it is really easy for people to slip by those loose regulations at this time in the industry. So, I guess to answer your question directly, just be sure that you can see certificates that verify you are getting what you are being sold. 

lab results cbd cannabinoids

(Interviewer) What would you recommend as a standard dose of CBD for an adult?

(Dontje) We generally say 25 mg is a good starting point. Some people think that is a little high and some companies think that’s a little high, but we feel that’s an adequate dose to suggest for a typical adult. That can vary depending on whatever your needs may be. Say you’re a little bit more petite than an average person, you can reduce that. 

(Interviewer) Can a consumer take too much CBD?

(Dontje) We haven’t really seen it… I personally, with working with some oils, did take some to where I was feeling the effects for sure. A little too much, but that is on the high end. We have some patients that are taking large amounts for serious symptoms and we’ve seen people take up to 300mg a day… after they work their way up to it though. I don’t recommend that outside of a doctor’s order, but we’ve seen people take quite large amounts. 

(Interviewer) Now if someone wants to take CBD for the very first time, are there any side effects the individual may experience?

(Dontje) I think that somebody taking CBD for the first time might prepare themselves for something along the lines of using marijuana. You’re going to feel it. CBD is very subtle. Some people don’t feel it. Some people don’t realize its working until they stop using it and some people feel it right away and feel somewhat euphoric. So, it does vary from person to person. I would definitely say don’t be scared. It’s really nothing to fear.

(Interviewer) So legally, the CBD oils right now need to have under 0.3% THC is that right?

(Dontje) 3/10ths is the legal delineation where it turns to marijuana.

marijuana interview

(Interviewer) Now, would a consumer be able to pass a drug test while taking CBD?

(Dontje) Typically, Yes. But we do advise against any full-spectrum product that contains any trace amount of THC and buyer beware. We have seen it build up and it builds up in the fatty blood cells and tissue and you can fail a drug test over prolonged use over time. It isn’t worth losing a job over. We are coming out with a THC free formula that does not have THC in it so if you are worried about failing a drug test, use a formula that is THC free.

(Interviewer) So there are tons of companies selling CBD products right now, what sets your business apart from the rest.

(Dontje) You’re right, there is a lot. And it is similar to what happened with the beer industry where the market got flooded with good beer and lots of choices. So, it kind of comes down to consumer preference transparency and trust. People spend a lot of money on bottles of oil and people are getting burned and it’s leaving a bad taste in their mouth about the industry as a whole. Just find a company you trust, and you have a good relationship with and go with them. 

(Interviewer) So when a consumer is deciding to purchase a CBD product, what do you feel is important for them to look for?

(Dontje) Transparency, information, and be sure that they have legal labels. There are some legal requirements. There is an FDA statement you have to state how much CBD is in there and furthermore we have QR codes on every one of our products that will bring you to a lab test of that specific batch of what’s in there and we feel that’s something that’s very important that we give to our customers. You know, transparency. It lets them know what they’re buying. They can do that right at the store. QR code it in, boom, this is what batch 0801-19 has in it this is what it looks like on the certificate and it’s trustworthy. 

(Interviewer) So with all these companies, there is honestly a ton of inaccurate claims on the internet. CBD being a cure for certain medical conditions. What conditions do you believe people should take CBD for?

(Dontje) Well, there are two questions within that. There is a statement that yes there are lots of people making medical claims which is clearly disallowed by the FDA. We are not allowed to make medical claims. Within that, I probably shouldn’t state what I recommend or say what they should be used for because that might fall under the medical claims. What I do see people using CBD for with great results is arthritis, anything that has to do with pain, people are finding great relief from this. CBD oil is a great supplement that does not have the side effects of pharmaceuticals. I’ve seen a lot of relief from symptoms such as sleep. Sleep is a big one. Arthritis is a big one. And anxiety is a big one.

(Interviewer) Are there any CBD products you currently take as part of your daily regimen?

(Dontje) I like to take the capsules at night a few times a week and it helps me sleep. I will take some for anxiety and I will take some for pain relief after a big bike ride or anything like that. 

(Interviewer) Now for you personally, has there been a time that you felt CBD has helped you out or assisted in the treatment of a condition in the past?

(Dontje) Oh yeah, I had a Baker cyst in my right knee, which is just a build-up of the fluid and I use to lather on this 600mg salve and go through one container in two days. It was just amazing. It just pulled all that fluid out of there and gave me great relief. I was really impressed. Furthermore, I had a really bad bike wreck the other day and while it didn’t take the pain away, it sure helped to rub it on my knees. I should have had knee pads on.

(Interviewer) One of your main products is this pet formula, do you have a pet that currently takes the Furry Friends formula?

43 cbd pet formula

(Dontje) I live vicariously through other people’s pets right now. My girlfriend’s dog has a bunk shoulder and wants to get out there after taking it. I’ve seen a lot of relief in different people’s pets with this formula.

(Interviewer) We’re really excited to see what’s going to continue to come from 43 CBD Solutions. Are there any other products we can expect to see in the near future?

(Dontje) Oh yeah, we are now in this new facility which we are super excited about. We’re going to be doing a seasonal flavor… stay tuned for the holiday season this year; were probably going to do something along the nutmeg line. Something really fun and something seasonal. We are coming out with a THC-free option which is going to have a broad spectrum versus an isolate as the base or the CBD source. We’re going to be doing gel caps, certain lotions, and deep penetrating forms of salve. Just to name a few. 

(Interviewer) Great, well we are super excited about that and thanks for taking the time to speak with us.

(Dontje) Yes, thanks for taking the time also. 

“Best bang for your buck on the market that I am aware of. 43 Solutions CBD has helped me sleep well, be more calm and collected, helped with various aches and pains, and tastes great too. Give it a try before reaching for prescription anti-anxiety or sleep meds.”

– Alessandra

“No more expensive trips to the animal hospital and our dog is much happier and healthier! Thanks, Greg and the 43 CBD crew for producing such a high-quality CBD tincture that works amazingly!”

– Josh

“43 CBD has been my source for quality broad spectrum CBD for about three years now. CBD relieves severe spasticity and muscle cramps at night that prevent me from sleeping. CBD  may not do everything, but it has been very important in improving my quality of life when nothing else helped. I highly recommend these guys!”


– Jay

“I have fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, muscle spasms and crippling pain throughout my body. 43 CBD hemp oil has changed my quality of life with no side effects. It has made me able to manage my pain since November 2017. Thank you!”

– Beverly

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